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New weather equipment helps Sioux City Fire Rescue


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) - The Sioux City Fire Department HAZ-MAT Unit has a new tool to add to it's list of important equipment.

The Hazardous Materials Technicians have a new weather station to help them determine weather conditions at the site of incidents.

The unit services 13 different counties and it's important for them to have the latest conditions.

The new weather station has a lot more information and capabilities than their old one.

"For us we need to know the wind speed, the temperature, the humidity, things like that to know where the chemical is going to go, where the plume, where the cloud of stuff is going to go. So we can either have people shelter in place or if they have to evacuate, what we need to do to clean stuff up and keep people safe," said Phil Marchand, Sioux City Firefighter.

Technicians say the new weather station will be placed in Hamer 13, which is a custom Hazardous Materials Emergency Response vehicle that is housed at Fire Station seven on Floyd Boulevard.

Online Reporter: Tia Heidebrecht

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