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Winnebago Tribe works on green energy


WINNEBAGO, Neb. (KTIV) -- Trying to save the environment is another issue Ho-Chunk and the Winnebago Tribe have been working towards.

The group has started installing solar panels on their companies Winnebago headquarters. The panels actually move with the sun, producing energy to offset utility costs.

Ho-Chunk also added personal windmills to some of their housing developments. Like the panels the windmills collect energy and reduce the cost for tenets in homes.

Ho-Chunk officials say while they continue to develop their community they don't want to forget the environment.

"We started looking at alternative energy because we figured if we're Native American and we can't be concerned about the environment, who else is going to be," says Annette Hamilton, COO for Ho-Chunk Inc.

Company officials say these projects are just experiments for now, but If successful, they may expand operations in the future.

Online Reporter: Forrest Saunders

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