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A Whiting family celebrates Christmas with over 30 trees


Whiting, IOWA (KTIV) - The Christmas tree is a main decoration for people who celebrate Christmas.

But for a family in Whiting Iowa, they decorate with more than just one or two.

They have 30 trees.

The Kaehlar family tells us about their trees and their themes.

"We have 30 that we decorate all with different themes," said Nancy Kaelhar.

"We start at the end of October putting the trees together and then we the decorations down from upstairs. They are all in totes and we decorate one tree at a time," said Nancy Kaehlar.

"That's our memory tree and we have little decorations from our childhood and our daughters growing up years, a few things from our parents, a neighbor and some close friends," said Nancy Kaehlar.

"We remember as we decorate. It's a good trip down memory lane, " Nancy Kaehlar.

"I enjoy the tree we have upstairs in the music room because it has real instruments on it and it's a tree like we have behind us, same size and it rotates. It's fun to decorate because it's kind of a memory tree but in a different sort," Adair Kaehlar.

"The tree back here is made of cards that my Mom and Dad sent each other when they were dating many years ago. Some of them are hand-made by my Dad. The hankies on the tree are from my Grandmother and Great-Grandmother," said Nancy Kaehlar.

"Out on the porch we have a patriotic tree and a country tree that actually has for garland an lariat rope," said Adair Kaehlar.

"We are excited about this. Our oldest Granddaughter and her husband are expecting their first baby and it is a boy but they will not tell us his name. They have it picked out and it begins with B. So we call him baby B," said Nancy Kaehlar.

"Everybody has a different favorite tree. We have one tree back in our daughter's old bedroom. It's a Tweety tree and we had different ones. Like the one that's in the bathroom. It's a white tree. Then the one in our bedroom is a white tree with angels. Most everybody likes this formal tree and of course the kids like the teddy bear tree," said Adair Kaehlar.

"Yes, it's enough but we enjoy it. I don't think we'll have too many more," said Nancy Kaehlar.

"It's just fun to do and the season is wonderful and the reason for the season is what makes it all worth while," said Adair Kaehlar.

The Kaehlar's keep their trees up until Mid-January when they start the process of taking them down and storing them in their totes.

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