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Culver: No regrets during four years as Governor


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) -- As Iowa's 40th Governor, Chet Culver has battled floods, a flu pandemic, and extreme economic challenges.

Love him or hate him, he stopped in Sioux City Wednesday, to say goodbye before he leaves office next week.

The Governor didn't show much emotion, but thanked everyone for coming, and got right to his speech.

In front of a room of about 60 supporters, Culver reflected on his four years in office, his successes and challenges.

"It's been an interesting ride.  Never a dull moment," said Culver.

When asked about his major accomplishments, he touted three: wind energy production, raising preschool coverage, and bringing in funds to help Iowa recover after the 2008 floods in the eastern part of the state.

"We've secured $4-billion now in state and federal funds to help Iowa recover from the worst natural disaster in our state's history and we're going to rebuild in a better stronger safer way across Iowa," said Culver.

No question Culver has had critics of those actions. But reviews from opponents throughout the years didn't appear to weigh on him Wednesday. He says he had no regrets about any of his actions in office.

"There's really not one, every single day I gave it everything that I had. I think given the challenges that we were having to deal with, I understand that it's been a tough time," said Culver.

Culver doesn't blame himself, or his actions, for losing re-election. He calls it a changing of times, a "swinging of the pendulum from one side to the other."

"I think you really have to look at this in the big picture and I totally understand that the voters, they can sometimes want to change directions," he said.

Culver says he'll miss the office, mostly because he says he's missing the chance to make a difference each day. He says that goal will now lay on Terry Branstad's shoulders, as well as the responsibility to tackle some of Iowa's lingering problems.

Culver says some of the problems Branstad will face are to continue Iowa's economic recovery, continue support of education, and see the flood recovery efforts in eastern Iowa "all the way through."

Obviously the other question on everyone's mind, "what's next for the soon to be ex-governor?"

He says he's looking at some things in the field of green energy.

No word on anything in the political world.

Culver will deliver his last Condition of the State address at the Capitol on Tuesday.

Online Reporter: Forrest Saunders

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