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Doctor warns of shoveling strains


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) -- If getting back in shape is your New Year's resolution, you may not have a problem once you start shoveling all of that snow.

But doctors at Mercy Cardiology say, be aware of overworking yourself, especially your heart.

ER doctors at Mercy say they've been seeing many people for shortness of breath and chest pain. Many of them, they say, are a direct result to much strenuous shoveling.

Doctors say shoveling may seem easy, but larger snowfall amounts can really take their toll.

"Shoveling snow is a very, very big stress because of the coldness of the weather outside for one and the heaviness of the snow for second. So it becomes one of the heaviest things you can do more than running or going up stairs," Ramin Artang, M.D. FACC for Mercy Cardiology.

Mercy suggests using a smaller shovel and taking breaks when you feel like tired.

If you can't catch your breath or start having chest pains they say you should seek medical attention immediately.

Online Reporter: Alex Bahney

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