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Elk Point, SD mother awaits student's return from Egypt


ELK POINT, S.D. (KTIV) -- A Siouxland family anxiously awaits the return of their daughter, who like many, has become stranded in Cairo, Egypt.

College student Sara Peasley left to Egypt with the Sioux Falls Augustana Band about three weeks ago. She was scheduled to come back Sunday but her flight was canceled due to the riots.

Peasley's family says they have talked to their daughter and she is safe staying with the band at a hotel near the airport.

They say up until Thursday of last week, when the Internet went down in the country, they were receiving daily updates from the band's tour leaders. But, since then, have had to resort to other methods for information.

"After the tour leaders were communicating by land line to the president of Augustana and from that point we were receiving email updates two, three times a day as to what the status was over there," says mother Sonja Swanson.

Peasley's mother says her daughter is scheduled to leave the country Monday morning. Other members of the group left on Sunday and are awaiting a flight from Amsterdam to Minneapolis.  She says she has had her concerns about her daughter's safety since the riots began. But, says she believes this could be a positive experience in the long run.

"The students have had an incredible experience to see history happen, be there, and experience that. I am sure they might have had some apprehension as this was happening, but it's quite an educational experience for them," says Swanson.

Peasley plays the flute and because of the riots she and the rest of the band had to cancel their final concert.

Online Reporter: Forrest Saunders

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