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Dallas Is A Packers Town?

DALLAS, Wis. (KTIV) -- About a thousand miles away from Dallas, Texas and the Super Bowl there's a small Wisconsin town with a unique tie to the big city.

The people living in the tiny Barron County town say they're some of the biggest Packers fans around and say their town is one of the best places to catch the game, especially this year.

"There's no stop lights but two churches and two bars, I've heard that's a true Wisconsin town if they have as many bars as churches," says Erica Lentz.

Lentz owns one of those bars with her husband, and like many of her neighbors, she says her town is a great place to catch the game.

"People are pretty excited it's been a long time since the Packers have been in the super bowl," says Lentz.

"It's a good place to grow up, good place to raise kids, a good place to have a business and a good place to cheer on the Packers," says Packers fan Ricky Berg.

The town they're talking about is Dallas, Wisconsin.

With a population of 356 it's about three thousand times smaller than the Dallas where the Super Bowl will be played this weekend.

However people here say they've got the edge on their sister city in Texas.

"We were named Dallas before they we're named Dallas, so we're older than them," says Berg.

"We get a lot of people from the Minneapolis area that come through that have no idea they're stopping in Dallas, they've never heard of it," says Lentz.

While these streets aren't packed with people getting ready for the Super Bowl, like in Texas, the people living in this Dallas say there's no question who will win the big game.

"I say the Packers go by a touch down," says Kelly Glaser

"They're going to win, they're wonderful," says Rochelle Borgen.

"I believe it's going to be 24-21 Green Bay, because Pittsburgh has a very good team and we're evenly matched but our stable of receivers is going to make the difference," says Berg.

Almost everyone we talked to say most people they run into have never heard of their home town.

If you're wondering where Dallas Wisconsin is, it's about 15 miles off Highway 53 in Barron County.

If you wanted to drive from Dallas, Wisconsin to Dallas, Texas it's a little more than a thousand miles and would take you close to 18 hours.

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