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Four-year-old channels courage to save family after accident


GRANVILLE, Iowa (KTIV) -- Some people just don't know their own strength until they find themselves in a scary situation. That's the case for one four-year-old northwest Iowa girl.

Averie Carrion thought her family member's lives were in danger, so she sprung into action.

"Only have two scratches," Averie said.

She talks about Sunday night's crash like it was nothing. Her mom, though, is still shaken up.

"We hit the ditch and we rolled about two to three times," said Jamie Carrion.

Jamie borrowed her stepfather's truck, and was driving back home to Granville from Alton, when she, Averie, and one-year-old Abel hit a slick spot on Highway 10. The Chevy Silverado came to a rest on its side.

"I can see my son, he's bleeding. I can't see Averie and at that point I tried to call her name and she didn't answer me," Jamie said.

Jamie called 911, but was stuck inside the truck.

"I thought she was unconscious and I thought she was pinned under the vehicle and I started to panic," Jamie said.

"I was digging a hole so I could help my mom and my brother," Averie said.

It turns out, Averie walked a quarter of a mile to a farmhouse to find help. By the time she arrived, she was soaked from all the snow and was afraid for her mother and brother's lives.

"And then I sit in the garage and wait for the parents to help me and then one little boy came looking for a little girl and he saw a little girl outside and then he tells his mom, 'Mom and dad, I found a little girl!'" Averie explains.

"I think, just must be instinct. When someone is hurt, you do what you have to do," Jamie said.

"Because I wanted to help them," Averie said.

Back at the crash, Jamie was still panicking.

"I didn't want to think that she was dead, but I was just praying to God the whole time that she was okay," Jamie said.

But when paramedics told her what Averie did, and reunited mother and daughter, it was cause for celebration.

"That's like the best feeling in the world," Jamie said.

Averie, also fearing the worst, felt the same relief.

"It feels like I'm going to have a family again," Averie said.

All three made it out of the accident with just minor injuries.

Jamie says Averie is regularly in a booster seat. However, since the family had borrowed the truck, she was wearing just a seatbelt, sitting in the backseat with her brother, who was in a car seat.

The Sioux County Sheriff's Department has cited Jamie for failure to properly secure a child, and failure to maintain control.

Jamie says in the future, she'll pay closer attention to weather conditions but says more than anything, she's just thankful to have her family safe.

Online Reporter: Zach Tecklenburg

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