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Yankton, SD fest plants the seed for spring


YANKTON, SD (KTIV) -- You may have been shaken up by the last week's warm spell. But don't worry, there's plenty more Winter to come.

For those in Yankton, South Dakota Winter is a perfect time to start thinking about Spring... gardening that is. Ironic, considering it was time for the annual Winter Festival. A tradition all about getting up and staying fit in the Winter months.

Other than exercising right, though, this Winter workout was also all about eating right. Sure it's February, but it's a perfect time to start thinking about all those fruits and vegetables you can grow in your own back-yard.

"Everybody's starting to think about it," says Missouri Valley Master Gardener Group President Cindy Nelsen.

Master Gardener's like Nelsen were setup Saturday, eagerly waiting the year's growing season.

"In January a lot of people get their seed catalogs and are starting to think about gardening and what they want to plant in their garden," says Nelsen.

She and her group were there to teach a little bit of everything. They were holding classes on topics from herbs to tomatoes, teaching everyone from beginners to fellow gardeners.

"We just want to learn about growing tomatoes and different things for our garden," says Yankton resident and father Mark Katterhagen.

These green thumb guru's didn't stop at teaching the basics either. They also threw in some info on how to start your own garden indoors. Then get it out, up, and ready to eat when everyone else is putting seeds in the ground.

"A lot of times I will start stuff in March and grow it on so I can plant it out at the right time in the Spring," says Nelsen.

"It's a good way to learn about growing the seeds inside so we get a good two week three week jump on the gardening," says Katterhagen.

Winter weather may not stay at bay for long, but at least these teachers of tomatoes and cultivators of cucumbers are prepared for Spring.

The Missouri Valley Master Gardeners will have a much more in-depth class this Summer. If you want to learn more check out this link.

Online Reporter: Forrest Saunders

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