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Family returns from Japan after radiation concerns


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) Earlier this week, the US began urging Americans in Japan to come home. One Siouxland family living in the quake ravaged region heeded that warning. The Godsey family left Japan, but hope to return as soon as possible.

Laura Godsey was planning on spending the next year stationed in Tokyo, Japan with her four daughters and Marine husband. That changed a week ago when the ground started to shake.

"It started out kind of normal then it just kept going and getting more and more powerful as it went on," said Laura.

She didn't realize it but, she had just experienced the largest earthquake ever recorded in Japan's history, 9.0.

"I didn't feel fear, I just was trying to remember what am I supposed to do for an earthquake," said Laura.

Tokyo, where the Godseys were located, was spared major damage by the quake and tsunami that followed. But as time wore on things got worse, food and water shortages, plus radiation concerns from the failing Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Then last Thursday, as fear over the radiation leak grew, the Godseys got word the US Embassy was asking families to leave.

"It was a precautionary measure that if anything happened at the plant they wanted the family members out so they would have less people to move out very quickly," said Godsey.

So with only two hours notice they did. All, but husband Maxx, who chose to stay behind with a group of volunteers, helping recovery efforts in the shattered area of Sendai.

"They've rented a truck and they are taking coats and blankets and first aid kits and food up to Sendai," said Laura.

Saturday, after 50 hours of travel and even radiation screenings, Laura and her daughters made it to Sioux City. They'll be staying with her parents while Maxx continues helping overseas.

"He'll stay there and continue helping with the relief effort and we'll join him back there once we know the air is definitely safe," said Laura.

For now though, they'll wait in Sioux City.

Laura has no idea when they'll be able to return. She says she'll be waiting for a message from the US Embassy.

Online Reporter: Forrest Saunders

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