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New treatment for thinning hair


It's a little known trick to treat thinning hair. More and more men are using a fix females use to grow their eyelashes. And they say it works!

Latisse was approved by the FDA in December 2008 to make skimpy lashes grow thicker and longer. "And so we always wondered what's it going to do for the scalp if it works that good on lashes?" asked Dr. Alan Bauman. Specifically for hair that's thinning, not gone. "We're selecting patients who have thin, wispy hair in the areas of concern," said Dr. Bauman.

Hair Restoration Specialist Dr. Alan Bauman decided to try Latisse "off label," which means an unapproved use, on about a dozen of his patients.. both men and women. It's applied once a day on the scalp. "What we're seeing is that the hairs, over time reverse...meaning they get thicker, darker, stronger. Week by week it gets to a point and then basically plateaus," said Dr. Alan Bauman. He points to subtle before and after photos of a young man who applied Latisse to his temples. On the small group of patients Dr. Bauman is treating on his own, he has seen no side effects. However... "A major concern is the cost of the Latisse. Right now it's about 150 dollars for a tiny bottle," said Dr. Bauman. Which lasts about three weeks. It's twice as expensive as this prescription strength compounded version of Minoxodil.

Allergen, the manufacturer of Latisse, is conducting clinical trials on this product for scalp hair seeking FDA approval.

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