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Murder arrest in Las Vegas has Sioux City connection


An arrest is made in a 15-year-old murder case with a Siouxland connection. Chester Leroy Todd was not only wanted for killing a woman, authorities are investigating whether he's a serial killer.

Chester Leroy Todd. A former trucker, now age 66 and homeless.

Living under an alias for years, Todd was arrested in Las Vegas after allegedly confessing to a murder in Denver, Colorado.

"I'm thrilled that this man is finally going to be incarcerated and hopefully he will be locked up for the rest of his life," said Everett Donelson, father of Sherri Majors.

Everett Donelson's daughter, Sherri Majors, was 27 when she was brutally murdered and her body dumped in a Denver alley.

"If a person ever has a darkest moment in their life, that is it," said Donelson.

That was 15 years ago.

After the murder in 1996, police believe Chester Todd made his way to Sioux City, where he abandoned his semi-tractor trailer at a Sioux City truck stop off Singing Hills Boulevard. That's where then Lieutenant Terry Kern of the Sioux City Police Department got involved in the case.

Terry Kern says, "We found an earring, some hair samples, log books and blood samples."

Kern, who's retired from the force, but is now administrator of the Dakota County Jail, helped gather evidence from the truck. The blood matched that of Sherri Majors, a mother of three young boys.

"So my guess is that he came here because he's been here before, was familiar with the area at least. And just dumped it here as close to Nebraska, as close to home." said Kern.

The trailer, still loaded with 27,000 pounds of meat for delivery, was parked on the edge of the lot. The truck itself, parked on the opposite end.

Kern says after a freight dispatcher tipped off Todd that police were looking for him, he disappeared.

"He's on the run and you always wondered and I check up periodically on the internet or check with Denver. Always wondering if this guy going to get away? Did he die? Where did he go? But to find out that he actually got captured, that closes it up." said Kern.

But investigators hope Todd's arrest will shed light on other crimes. They believe he may be tied to rapes and murders of prostitutes across the United States.

Kern says there are about 150 unsolved homicides along the nation's interstates, tied to prostitution and hitch hikers.

He says several have similarities to the Sherri Majors murder, like the type of weapon used.

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