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Southeast SD Fact Sheet: Yankton, Vermillion, Elk Point, Wynstone, Dakota Dunes

Southeast Area Fact Sheet

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

*The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will have a team in the Southeast Area today, surveying flood preparation efforts. Because many units of government are incurring costs for prevention measures, FEMA will help determine which costs may potentially be reimbursable.

*More than 1,220 cooperating agency personnel are working in the Southeast Area (SD state government, SD Highway Patrol, County Officials, National Guard, U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, U.S. Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Department of Defense, Salvation Army, American Red Cross).

*Volunteers, the National Guard and residents have filled and placed approximately 4.8 million sandbags in the Southeast Area. Overall sandbag production is exceeding 500,000 per day. In addition, more than 1,200 volunteers are assisting with sandbag operations.

*Today's releases at Gavins Point remain on schedule and will increase by 10,000 cfs up to 130,000 cfs. Expect river rises to continue.

River Levels:

Area/Current Level/Today's (Tuesday) Forecast



Elk Point/----/1114.0


Dakota Dunes/1091.3/1095.7

*Two Blackhawk helicopters are helping with levee construction. Approximately 1,000 large helibags (one ton each) are on the ground awaiting placement. Crews have been delivering as many as 420 helibags per day. Thanks to Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton and to Iowa Governor Terry Branstad for the loan of the helicopters.


*A levee is being constructed and reinforced on state land adjoining the Wynstone community, and is expected to reach 1104 feet above sea level. This levee will merge with levees being constructed to protect McCook Lake, North Sioux City and other Union County residents, forming a large, single levee.

*Union County officials will continue to provide security for the Wynstone community to ensure the safety of residents and volunteers.

*The National Guard has helped sandbag around the water treatment plant and 110 guardsmen will again be in the area to assist the community with sandbagging operations. More than 36,000 sandbags have been produced since Saturday.

*Levee work and sandbagging operations continue with National Guardsmen and volunteers providing assistance to the residents.

*Non-residents are encouraged to avoid the area in order to allow flood preparation measures to continue unimpeded.

McCook Lake

*Volunteers and residents have made tremendous progress on residential sandbag operations, with many homes in the western portion secured by sandbag walls. Residents continue with levee construction operations, which will tie in with the Wynstone levee system.

Deer Run

*More than 150 large helibags are staged for placement northeast portion of the Deer Run community, adjacent to Mud Lake.


*More than 150,000 sandbags have been filled by inmates, the National Guard and volunteers.

*An additional 50,000 sandbags will be staged (palletized) for rapid response.

*More than 300 volunteers are working to assist Yankton area homeowners.

*Yankton County Emergency Management, the Yankton County Sheriff's office and the Yankton City Police Department are coordinating with the Southeast Area Incident Management Team on flood preparation efforts.

Dakota Dunes

*The evacuation of the "Country Club" area has gone well, with more than 630 homes evacuated, and an estimated 3,500 people displaced. The Union County Sheriff's office, the SD National Guard and the SD Highway Patrol will continue to provide security, monitor traffic and evacuate any remaining residents.

*Riprap (rubble and large rocks used to armor shorelines) has been placed at key points along the southern segment of the Dakota Dunes levee system. Once the levee system is completed, there will be 24/7 monitoring of structural integrity.

*Contractors have 180 trucks hauling 30,000 yards of material per day, and are using more than 50 pieces of heavy equipment to construct the levee system. During daylight hours, a truck places a load of material on the Dakota Dunes levee system approximately every 45 seconds.

*A series of large pumps are operating to dewater the area behind the southern segment of the Dakota Dunes levee system.

*The water treatment plant in the evacuation area (the "Country Club" portion of Dakota Dunes) has been shut down and sanitary sewer lines have been plugged. In addition, electricity to some areas has been turned off.

*Residential sandbagging operations continue at the former Gateway building located in North Sioux City, in the north parking lot labeled "Mexico." While some filled sandbags may be available, residents should plan on filling their own sandbags.

*The American Red Cross continues to operate a shelter at Dakota Valley Schools, 1150 North Shore Drive, North Sioux City, South Dakota. There are no residents at this time.


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