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National Guard troops patrolling Dakota Dunes levee


A team of South Dakota National Guardsmen are patrolling the primary levee guarding the Dakota Dunes.

Soldiers from the 211th Engineer Company based out of Madison, and airmen from Sioux Falls-based 114th Fighter Wing will provide 24-hour foot patrols to keep an eye out for problem areas. "We are going to have to be extra vigilant up there and completely aware of our surroundings as conditions of the levee continue to change," said 1st Lt. Ariel Keating, the day shift officer in charge of levee patrol operations.

Teams of two are patrolling 200 meter sections of the 3.8 mile stretch of levee for cracks, severe erosion and any areas where water finds its way inside the perimeter of the levee, Keating said. "Like the rest of the operations out here, safety is of the highest concern for the levee patrol teams," Keating said. "It is critical we follow every safety precaution necessary to ensure safety for our Airmen and Soldiers."

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