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Tuesday's southeast South Dakota fact sheet on flooding concerns


*Residents that need an electrical inspection to begin the process of re-electrifying their homes can contact Electrical Inspector Glenn Janssen at 605-957-5705. Mr. Janssen will be making appointments and is available to provide the service from Monday to Friday, 8am – 5pm.

*The re-entry process for residents of the evacuated area of Dakota Dunes continues through Sunday June 26th. Hours of entry, as of Wednesday, are 10am – 8pm. Access to the area will be through a checkpoint located just outside of the north levee on Dakota Dunes Boulevard. All people requesting access will be required to have an entry ID badge issued as well as a driver's license or official identification.

* Residents still needing an ID badges required for re-entry into their homes can obtain their badge at the Public Information Trailer located in the parking lot of Liberty National Bank from 10am – 4pm. Homeowners will be required to provide a drivers license or other government issued photo identification to obtain an ID badge. Residents will be allowed only one (1) ID badge per identification and each person wishing to obtain an ID card MUST be present to be issued an ID badge.

*Trucks will continue to haul materials into Dakota Dunes. We are asking homeowners to keep roads clear and park off the street.

*Residents are reminded to remain off of these levee systems. Walking or driving on them can compromise their structural integrity. For your own safety and that of the levee systems, please stay off the levees.

*Residents should NOT discharge their sump pumps into the sanitary sewer system or into or over the levee.

*Flood and flood recovery related information is located at: http://disasterrecovery.sd.gov/flood_info_pubs.aspx

*The local incident management team will continue to provide information on a regular basis. The Union County Flood Hotline is 1-888-869-9975.

River Levels:

Area/Current Levels/ Change in Past 24 Hours (as of 0600)

Yankton/1164.82/up 0.11

Gayville/1156.13/up 0.04

Maskell/1131.04/up 0.05

Dakota Dunes/1094.46/up 0.35

Sioux City/1091.00/up 0.35

*Updated groundwater level maps are posted daily at the Public Information Trailer located in the parking lot of Liberty National Bank

*Rain from showers and thunderstorms could have temporary impacts on water levels, so expect minor fluctuations across the region over the next several days.

*National Guard monitoring of levee stability continues on a 24 hour per day basis.

*Materials are being staged in a variety of locations in the event a rapid response is required. Those materials include clay, rip rap, fabric, sandbags, clean sand, and crushed concrete.

Wynstone, McCook Lake & Yankton

*Levee construction has been completed at this point and resources are now in a monitoring and patrol status. Sandbags are pre-positioned near all levee systems and will be available if the need should arise to increase levee levels or minor repairs to the levee systems already in place.

Dakota Dunes

*Dewatering pumps are operational and workers continue to reduce the water levels within the levee system to protect critical infrastructure and the integrity of the levee.

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