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Heart Health: Heart disease symptoms and risk factors for women


On "Heart Health with Dr. Ramin Artang with Mercy Cardiology we're looking at "Heart Disease in women and the symptoms and risk factors.  It's not just a concern for older women.

Dr. Artang said, "If she has risk factors, family history, diabetes, smoking, can be at risk at even a younger age."

Let's talk about the risk factors for women. Your genetics may play one of the most important roles?

"Understand if a first degree relative, mother or sister has heart problem before the age of 65, then you have a higher risk of heart disease, " said Dr. Artang.

Other factors include smoking?

Dr. Artang said, "High cholesterol, high blood pressure."

Obesity alone is not a risk factor.

Dr. Artang said, "If you otherwise have low cholesterol, low blood pressure, you wouldn't necessarily be at risk. It may be sign of unhealthy habits and that you may need to do more exercise."

Let's talk about the symptoms because warning signs can be different.

Dr. Artang said, "Important symptoms to understand, chest pain at the center, radiating to jaw and shoulder, shortness of breath."

Would this be a one time occurrence or something you'd experience multiple times?

Dr. Artang said, "Heart attack is more severe than having a heart problem, but it you're not having a heart attack, but you do have a heart condition, you may experience symptoms may need to see your doctor."

That way you can address issues, because even heartburn can be a sign.

Dr. Artang said, "If heartburn was never there and you suddenly have heartburn not associated with spicy diet and it happens more than once, you need to address that.

Don't wait if you have these symptoms.

And if you have a heart health question you'd like to have Doctor Artang answer we'd like to hear from you.  Click on the Heart Health tab at the top of our homepage.

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