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Saturday in the Park draws crowds again


From Cee-Lo Green to Los Lonely Boys and Ben Harper, it's a big year for Saturday in the Park.

It's a Sioux City summer staple spanning two decades.

"I've been to every one of them except the first two," John Jorstad said.

And Saturday in the Park continues to draw a crowd.

"I think we've got a lot of people with it being free and a lot of people sticking around town, it's a pretty good time and good timing for us to have the festival right now and a nice long weekend to be able to do it," said co-founder Dave Bernstein.

Thousands of people crowded into Grandview Park to see national acts.

"I love the music and the people, everybody is so friendly," John Jorstad said.

Others like to spin their own artwork or buy flashy tye dye shirts.

If lunch is on your mind you may be thinking about a pulled pork sandwich, or for snack why not some popcorn? And you can wash it all down with a beverage or two.

"And go to the beer garden," Jorstad said.

Whatever you headed to the park for Saturday was a perfect day to do it.

"It's a super day the weather is good not so humid so we like that," Betty Kock said.

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