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Local student spends summer beautifying S.C.'s downtown


Most college students use summer as an opportunity to take a break from their studies. Others join the workforce to try and save up some extra cash.

One local ISU student isn't just studying through his summer vacation; he's also working.

Art Vonphakdy, who is studying at ISU Design West, has been busy designing and painting a mural in downtown Sioux City.

"The theme is community. I'm just looking for ways to represent Sioux City as a whole and I think that a lot of people here love their athletics in the high schools and over here we have the people. We have our troops, we have law enforcement , firefighters and just regular citizens, bikers, skateboarders, " said Vonphakdy. "I'm just trying to draw things that I've grown up with and all of the different types of people that I've come into contact with which really makes up this rich environment.

"Everything I've learned is from growing up in this city so it's kind of a way to give back and represent where I am from," said Art Vonphakdy, ISU Design Student.

"I'm using window writing paint for the black outline and then I'll be using a special type of Vonphakdy, ISU Design Student glass paint, called Gallery Glass by Folk Art. It's enamel type paint that mimics stained glass, without actually having to create stained glass. That is the medium that I am using," said Vonphakdy.

"It's really fun and really challenging. I've never painted on glass before and I've never used window paint before so it's a learn as a I go type of thing. But I like it a lot. I like to experiment with new types of things all the time and it just keeps me growing as an artist and see where my potential is. It's definitely fun, definitely challenging too. I've never worked on ladders before or on a surface of this size," he said. "I love all of it."

"I hope the community really loves it because I am hoping to make it a really nice upbeat type of thing. Especially down here on Fourth Street where there is a lot of attraction. This could be one of those," said Art Vonphakdy, ISU Design Student.

Downtown Partners and ISU Design West partnered together to create the "Student-in-Residence" program to fund beautification efforts in the downtown area.

Art hopes to finish the mural by the 18th of August.

If you want to stop by, it's located on the windows of the building next to the Roth Fountain on Fourth Street.

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