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Siouxlander is a full-time farmer at fourteen


On Saturday mornings you might find your typical teen in bed. But not, Monona County's Michael Jones. He's up each Saturday selling produce, and wouldn't have it any other way.

Mike Jones has loved produce since he was a kid.

"He'd be in his pull ups out there picking tomatoes and eating them like apples," said Mike's mom, Lisa Jones.

And now that Mike is 14, Saturdays are dedicated to pitching the family produce at Sioux City's Farmers Market.

"Everything is grown right on our farm," said Mike. Watermelons, potatoes, onions..."There's probably a couple thousand pounds of produce in the truck right now."

Mike sells them all, but he's not just a salesman.

"This teenager actually grows almost all this produce himself," said Reporter, Forrest Saunders.

That's right, the thousands of pounds of produce here are almost entirely from Mike's green thumb.

"He spends a lot of time on it, instead of video games he reads vegetable magazines," said Lisa.

He plants them, picks them, and hauls them. It's become his hobby. He's stepped up to manage his family's farm, while they stepped down.

"You know my husband works full time and I work pretty much full time, so, a lot of the responsibility is on him," said Lisa.

Some days it can be a struggle for Mike, who has to squeeze school in between squashes.

"It's tough, his eyes have bags under them like mine some mornings," said Lisa

But Mike makes do. "Well, I do it for fun... and I do get paid a little, so, it all works out," he said.

He even donates produce he can't sell to local charities. "Like four boxes a week, or six, you know? We just give what we have a lot of," said Mike.

A fourteen year old, who's idea of fun is farming. "It's a lot of work but it pays off in the end," said Mike.

Mike says he's not sure if what he's going to do when he graduates in a couple years. He wants to go to college, and says at the very least, he'll always keep the growing going as a hobby.

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