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ARCHIVES: Jury hung in Brad Gregg trial


It's a hung jury in the trial of 29-year-old Brad Gregg.

He faced counts of Involuntary Manslaughter and Assault Causing Serious Injury after fatally punching an Ida Grove, Iowa, man outside a Sioux City bar last October.

Deliberations began last Wednesday with the end result, a hung jury.

That means the 12 jurors told the judge they can't make a unanimous decision on Gregg's guilt.

There were hints this would happen last Friday when the jury passed a note to the judge asking what they needed to do if they couldn't agree.

Per his instructions at 1:30 on Monday, they submitted and signed a note, formally telling the judge they were deadlocked.

"The court's satisfied that the jury is unable to reach a unanimous decision within a reasonable time based upon that the court finds that the jury is deadlocked," said District Court Judge Jeffrey Poulson.

The ball is now in the prosecution's court. They can choose to drop the charges or begin a retrial of Gregg, essentially a "do over". They have 90 days to begin.

Gregg will remain in jail on bail until that trial gets under way.

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