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COPY-Colonel "Bud" Day lands in hall of fame

A Sioux City pilot and legend has landed in the hall of fame.

Greenfield, Iowa's Aviation Museum has many aeronautical aesthetics. It's home to a Kari Keen airplane, rare gliders, and Iowa's Aviation Hall of Fame.

"Every time I walk in that room I am just amazed at the wonderful stories involved in there," said Lee Ann Nelson with the museum.

And now one more story has been added to this wall of famous faces, Sioux City war veteran, P.O.W., and legendary pilot Colonel George "Bud" Day.

"Oh he was very honored to be inducted here in the hall of fame. He had great gratitude for the people of Iowa who nominated him," said Day's son Steven.

"Well, I think it's great. He's a super patriot," said US Congressman Leonard Boswell (D) from Iowa.

Siouxland Chamber President Chris McGowan nominated Day for the honor. He says it speaks volumes to have a Siouxlander in the hall.

"We're proud to say to all of Iowa that one of our own is in the Iowa Aviation Hall of Fame," said McGowan.

The colonel is sharing the hall with 70 other Iowans. All had to meet some serious qualifications to get here.

"There's a selection committee that reads through the nominations and they give points from zero to five on aviation firsts, Iowa aviation firsts, and aviation accomplishments," said Nelson.

Day's been called the most decorated living veteran. He's won over 70 honors for his service in World War 2, Korea, and Vietnam. Day holds a Purple Heart, the Air Force Cross, and the Medal of Honor.

"When we all stop and take a moment and remember those who really, really, really put it on the line, "Bud" Day has got to come to your mind," said Congressman Boswell.

Colonel George "Bud" Day, soaring to new heights.

The colonel wasn't able to make it to the ceremony in person Saturday. His family says he's recovering from surgery. They say Day is in good spirits and is feeling better everyday.

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