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State senators meeting with officials on Keystone XL Pipeline


This Tuesday evening a marathon meeting has been going on between 4 different state senators led by state speaker Mike Flood and representative of Trans-Canada who of course want to bring the Keystone XL Pipeline through Nebraska. As of right now they've been inside for 3.5 hours and if the catering that has just arrived is any indication, they might be there a while yet. No word as of yet what they're discussing inside we know that there have been talks when Senator Flood announced the meeting last week that they wanted to open the dialogue as far as whether or not there's going to be a special legislation called to discuss whether or not the state senate need to take action on the proposed route of the Keystone XL Pipeline. About 10 to a dozen protesters on hand many of them Atkinson, NE all the way out in Holt County came out. Various different organizations represented as well voicing their opinion against the pipeline in general. That group starting to dissipate at this hour as again they need to get back to Atkinson. Many of whom are expected to attend a showing of a documentary about the Keystone XL Pipeline in Atkinson this evening. As of this hour still meeting behind closed doors we will certainly keep you updated with the very latest. Reporting for KTIV in Norfolk, NE, I'm Eric McKay.

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