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Marx rezoning not what property owner or neighbors wanted


Grady Marx asked the city to rezone the land next to his trucking firm from residential to heavy industrial, and while it is now rezoned, city leaders didn't go far as Marx wanted.

After weeks of complaints by nearby neighbors, council members agreed up on a compromise.

The land was rezoned to a planned industrial zone, which Marx initially supported.

However, Monday night he asked the city to reconsider a manufacturing designation.

"PD puts a stigma on properties.  It means whomever's going to develop it, or if somebody wants to buy it down the road, they're going to have to jump through the same hoops that we've gone through in the last two months, and I think they're a lot of unnecessary hopes to encourage development," said Marx, who offered to ask for light manufacturing instead.  

 To do that, Marx would have to start the entire process over, going through the planning and zoning board and back before the city council, which he declined to do. 

He says he's lost one potential developer during the hearing process already.

Council member Keith Radig said the council needed to focus on what was best for the city, not just the business or the handful of homeowners nearby.  He said Marx got the raw end of the deal, adding "he asked for apple pie and got mud pie instead."


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