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Delta leaves, call center employees and benefits stay


If Delta leaves, there's been a lot of concern their call center in Sioux City might too. The city and company say those jobs wont go, but what about their benefits?

The Reservations Center employs well over 200 people, who take customer reservation calls from across the country seven days a week. Many of them get serious discounts when flying with Delta.

The concern is, if Delta leaves, they'll have to go to Omaha to use those benefits. Sioux City City Manager Paul Eckert says it's a non-issue because most employees do that already.

"Most people who take that benefit fly out of Omaha, because they need to have 'standby status'. Those employees who do that are on 'standby' and they get that 'standby status' far more frequently and consistently out of Omaha," said Eckert.

The center opened about four years ago, before Delta merged with Northwest Airlines.

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