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Memorial March has reunited one family


The Memorial March has helped at least one Native American family reunite.

Noah Seymour entered the foster care system as an infant and came to live with the Seymour family when his was just a year old.

He was adopted by them two years later.

A few months later Noah's father, Storm Seymour, saw a story about Sioux City's memorial march, and the picture of two women holding a photo of Noah with the words "A Lost Child".

"Thanksgiving Day on the Des Moines Register front page. It came as quite a shock. We opened it up that morning and there was his picture with his biological mother and grandmother holding the picture in the march," said Storm.

Noah's father decided to try and find them.

It took some time, but Noah now ten, sees his birth family anytime he wants.

Something that he's thankful for.

"Because of this march I was able to find my birth family," said Noah.

As Native Americans, the Seymour's have opened their home to native foster Noah.

Many children stay with the Seymour's until they're placed in other homes.

In the last 10 years they've seen more than 50 children.

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