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Sioux City continues push for cart conversion


The push to get people to recycle is marking its one year anniversary in Sioux City.

Officials report that 2,000 people have signed up to recycle since last December, bringing the total number of people in town recycling to 6,400.

Ninety-three percent of our waste still ends up in the landfill. Experts believe people don't realize just how much can be kept out of the trash.

"Currently, we're recycling just under seven-percent.  What we want to see, theoretically you can recycle up to 80 percent of what leaves the house. Obviously, we have a long ways to go," explained the Environmental Services Specialist Derek Carmona.

For a refresher on what you can and cannot recycle, go to:

And, you can still convert one of our garbage totes to a recycling cart at:

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