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School Sense: Helping 8th grade students plan for high school and beyond


Planning for High School and a future career is important. That's why all eighth graders in the state of Iowa are required to take part in a program called Guideways.

Jacque Grabouski, a counselor with Bishop Heelan Catholic Schools said, "The computer program, starts out looking at the interest and your personality types and the first part of it could say they're interested in being a problem solver. So it's that basic."

So how does a problem solver or a strong like for math and science translate into a career? Grabouski said it might translate into something like medicine or figuring out a problem if you're in research or something like that.

"Usually kids are not just one personality type. It's a mix, so we look at their two highest. For instance mine was helper. So it would be counselor, education, medical, service, that kind of thing. And once we get through that we develop into a career cluster, a whole group of careers they can look at. The program lets them look at everything from average salary in Iowa to how much college is needed," she said.

The goal is to get them thinking about potential careers and what types of classes they might want to consider in high school to help them prepare.

Grabouski said, "It gets them really excited about high school at the classes actually mean something and translate into a career, so that's one really positive thing that we've found with it."

And it doesn't mean students can't change their mind because it's just a plan and it's reviewed every year all through high school. The Guideways have to be finished and signed off on by a parent in 8th grade.

If you want more information on Guideways click here.

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