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Local forestry expert preaches patience for flooded trees


A local forestry expert stopped by the Stoney Creek Inn in downtown Sioux City Friday to suggest how to handle trees and shrubs damaged during this summer's flood.

South Dakota State University professor John Ball said throughout 2012 people should be on the lookout for any sprouting fungi, leaves that will not bud, or if the tree itself begins leaning.

Ball stressed patience is the greatest virtue for anyone who is considering removing trees from the yard.

"We're a long way from being out of the woods," Ball said. "I'd expect to see some of the trees declining in the spring, but it's really going to be till 2013, before you can say, you know what, they've made it."

The knee-jerk reaction, Ball said, is to remove all the trees from your yard, instead of dealing with the possibility of them recovering. The trees, he said, have a better chance of surviving 2012 if weather returns to ideal conditions, meaning steady rain, but not flooding. A drought would almost be better for the trees' recovery, he added, since water can be supplemented.

As a precaution, however, Ball said people should prepare for additional heavy rains and plant trees that are more flood-tolerant. Some of those trees include cottonwood, box elder and European alders. 

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