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Siouxland postal carrier keeps brisk pace


Chris Zoet's job keeps him on the move. As a postal carrier in Sibley, Iowa, he hand delivers mail to hundreds of homes on his route.

"Which is about 13 miles of walking every day," said Zoet.

And actually, much of that 13 miles is spent running every day. Chris picked up the pace on his route out of necessity. "I ran to be able to get it in in the eight hours that's allowed for these routes and then I just continued on with it," said Zoet.

Zoet ran competitively in high school, but eventually the running faded away for him. Seven years ago he saw a way back into the sport when he became a postal carrier.  Zoet said, "The postal service just gave me an excuse to start running again and I haven't really looked back since."

Along the way, the 41-year old Archer resident has dropped about 40 pounds and gotten himself back into game shape.

"I haven't been able to run a mile for a long time and now I can run nine if I wanted to, probably," he said. "But it also gives me time if I'm ahead to stop and visit with my customers, too. It's a good way for the postal service to show that we care."

Zoet keeps up the pace when he's off the job. He occasionally competes in road races and hopes to continue running competitively into his 80s.

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