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Options for Bryant Elementary shorten


Bryant Elementary School's days are numbered, but the Sioux City School Board doesn't know what they want to do with it yet. Thursday, in a study session, they whittled their list of 11 down to six.

In no particular order, the first option is a rebuild at Leif Erikson Park. But, the school board has to wait for approval from the city council to study the land first. The vote is scheduled in June.

"It seems as though the board feels that Leif Erikson is the most preferable location for this school," said Superintendent Dr. Paul Gausman.

Other options are 1400 Indian Hills Drive. The district already owns six acres in that area and would need to buy nine more. Total cost to get the land ready for development would be $2.7-million.

Hubbard and nearby Sunken Gardens are another option. There, the district would need to purchase the park plus 17 properties. It would need approval from the city to study, plus, the plan calls for a lot of earth work. The land development cost is estimated at $4.3-million.

The district also has two options to redevelop the current Bryant site. The first is a rebuild where the building stands now. Four nearby homes would need to be bought, but even with them, space would be tight. No detention pond, no drives or parking. The cost land development cost is cheap though, about $700,000.

The district could also expand to the Southwest, buying 14 properties at a land development cost of about $2.4-million.

The final option is no Bryant at all. The district would reconstruct nearby Hunt and Hoover schools and divide up Bryant staff, students and teachers.

District Administration says they'll petition the city to study the Hubbard Park-Sunken Gardens area in late January or February. They say if not Bryant, the site could be used for a new Hunt Elementary.

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