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Veteran advice for soldiers returning home from war


With ten years of fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq there's a whole new group of younger veterans returning from war.

Can lessons learned from the past help those now trying to re-adjust to civilian life?

Some area veterans shared their advice.

After nine years, the U.S. declared an official end to the war in Iraq.  As troops leave the country, thousands will come home and adjust to life off the battle field.

But veterans of other wars say these new veterans still need the support of each other.

"It's a tough thing to see combat and then see a different side of the world that a lot of us don't see, or won't see," said Marvin Arp, a Vietnam Veteran from Inwood, Iowa.

That's why many veterans find support in other veteran groups.

"The American Legion, the VFW, and the DAV I think would do anything that they can to advise veterans returning," said Robert Kucera, a Korean War Veteran from Wagner, SD.

"Do not be afraid to use the VA facilities. They're there for you," said Richard Loe, a Vietnam Era Veteran from Canton, South Dakota.

They say expressing feelings and sharing experiences will help in adjusting to civilian life.

"To decompress things. You keep too many things in too long. Those of us from the Vietnam era didn't have nice welcome homes," said Arp.

"When I was in the service and got out, we weren't treated too good. I don't want to see that happen to today's veterans," said Kucera.

Advice from those who've already gone through it.

"A lot of the best help is relieving yourself of what you have gone through. So people from the older side can help the younger ones," said Arp.

And while they may be coming home from Iraq, troops still fight in Afghanistan.  That ensures the need for veterans helping veterans will continue.

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