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Father, son unlock incredible Christmas gift


Family can be such an important part of the holiday season. Sometimes, you see relatives that you haven't seen for a while. Then, there's Chris Compton.

Compton has been trying to find his biological father since high school. And then, he had an idea: What about using Facebook to search?

"I went through probably a good 150 Kenneth Mills and I just said, 'forget it.' One-in-a-million chance. I tried, that's it," said Chris Compton.

He couldn't find the right one.  The name Kenneth Mills was just too common.

Compton, who's now living in Minneapolis, had moved around a lot as a child. He'd never met his dad, and didn't even know his father's name. After his mom died of cancer three years ago, his aunt revealed his father's name for the first time. Armed with his father's nickname, he gave Facebook a second try, and succeeded.

"He could easily have had hard feelings because I wasn't there for him," said Kenny Mills.

Compton had found his father. His father, Kenny "Tex" Mills lives in Colorado, but was in Sioux City for work. Finally, the time was right to meet.

"I truly had a change of heart and Chris says that same thing. Chris says that God lets things happen for a reason," said Mills.

"My mind was going. I was up every hour. It's just like, oh, I get to see my dad. Wow," said Compton.

After he finished work that afternoon, Compton left Minneapolis. He was in such a rush that he even got pulled over for speeding.

"I was on a mission. My mission was to come, see my dad, and you know, you just don't... Everything else was just a blur," said Compton.

After a five and a half-hour journey, and a life full of waiting, father and son, finally saw each other face to face. Father just as anxious as son. 

"You have to understand that I've been dreaming of meeting this guy for a lifetime," said Mills. "Literally, I've been looking for this guy for 30 years plus.

"We've talked on the phone, but I mean that just doesn't... Words versus someone you're meeting in person. It's just unbelievable, you know," said Compton.

After decades of dreaming, meeting here, they say, is indeed a Christmas miracle. The Compton and Mills families hope to add another chapter soon. Their families are planning to meet some time in 2012.

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