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Mild and windy conditions this year are a change from winters past


The Christmas Blizzard in 2009 ranks third on the National Weather Service list of top snowstorms overall in Sioux City.

The total snow from the evening of the 23rd to the 26th was 20.7 inches.

This year, we've only had 2.9 inches of snow since December 1st.

For the year, we are down nine inches.

"Not normal December weather by any means," Dave Winslow KTIV Meteorologist.

"It was horrible. My parents left for Arizona and left me with their house and their dog. You couldn't get anywhere and we got stuck twice in the snow on Christmas Day," said Shelby Pierce Sioux City.

"It was awful traveling," said Jenny Shannin, Atlanta, Georgia.

"There was a snow pile that started in our yard. It got to seven feet tall and it never melted all winter because of that big Christmas snowstorm and we kept getting more and more snow after that," said Winslow.

Brothers Aaron and Jack Shannin along with their parents, Pete and Jenny, are taking advantage of the mild temperature.

"We've been outside and to the playground every day that we've been here. So it's been a great Christmas," said Shannin.

But others, out for a walk, say after the winter in 2009, they kind of got used to all that snow.

"I think that two years ago was so depressing that I learned to cross country ski and now I'm kind of sad there is no snow. I was kind of ready for it," said Pierce.

"It's not as Christmasy," said Austin Granzow, Sioux City.

But even if some don't feel quite in the holiday spirit... there's still one reason to celebrate.

"It's not very often you can hang out laundry in the end of December," said Winslow.

So while previous winters seemed extreme, it looks like mother nature might be throwing in the towel for now. With the lack of snow cover, we've managed to reach temperatures as high as 57 making it feel more like the start of spring instead of the start of winter.

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