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Nebraska Unicameral Legislative Preview


The Nebraska Unicameral starts the 2012 legislative session next week.

The beginning of a new year brings the end of an era for some senators.

The 2012 Legislative Session in Nebraska figures to be important for many reasons, not the least of which being the senators who due to term limits will be serving their final year in the senate.

Among the "senior class" is Valentine Senator Deb Fischer, who's already embarked on a run for U.S. Senate and Speaker of the Legislature Mike Flood.

Governor Dave Heineman says term limits mean Nebraska will be ending brilliant careers.

But he adds that he thinks this brings about exciting opportunities for others.

Dave Heineman, Nebraska Governor said "I make the argument all the time, the best example is we've got an outstanding young speaker right now. Senator Mike Flood would've never had the opportunity had it not been for term limits relative to the leadership of the legislature."

Heineman says the legislature is losing some great leaders after 2012 but said he's looking forward to seeing new ideas from the next generation of senators.

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