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GOP candidates pinning hopes on undecided Iowans


After months of campaigning, thousands of handshakes and millions of dollars spent on TV ads, it all comes down to this for the Republican presidential contenders in Iowa. Tuesday is caucus day in Iowa and the GOP hopefuls are making their final arguments to Republican voters in the state. Large numbers of likely caucus-goers are still undecided or willing to change their minds as the Iowa race winds down.

Tuesday night, at more than 1,700 caucus sites across the state, Iowans will state a preference in the state's first-in-the nation presidential caucuses, and it's really anyone's guess who Republicans will support. The front-runner in the Des Moines Register's last poll before the caucuses is Mitt Romney, but he hasn't always led the pack. Ron Paul topped a few of the polls this fall. He's running second now. Rick Santorum is surging, now third following "also ran" status just a month ago. And then there's Newt Gingrich, who's taken a beating since he topped polls at Thanksgiving. He's running fourth.

Caucuses start at 7:00pm.  The first results are expected to start coming in about half-an-hour later.

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