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Are campaigning efforts in Iowa worth it?


A lot of work has gone into campaigning in Iowa from most of the GOP candidates. But is it all for not? Is Iowa worth the effort? It seems the debate over "what a win in Iowa means for candidates" rages every four years.

We talked with some of America's best political analysts to find out there take on the Hawkeye state's relevance.

Here's what they had to say.

"Everybody rings there hands over it and says 'It shouldn't count, it just shouldn't count. It's too small a state, it's too white, it's too Midwestern.' And every year it does count because it's real and the candidates come out here and try," said MSNBC news anchor, Chris Matthews.

"This is not a test run for the White House, this is the first act in one of, if not, the most important states to launch a campaign," said MSNBC news anchor, Joe Scarborough.

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