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Political pundits weigh in on caucus favorites

© NBC's David Gregory shares his thoughts on Iowa's caucus. © NBC's David Gregory shares his thoughts on Iowa's caucus.

It's a tight race between at least three GOP candidates. The most recent Des Moines Register Poll of likely Republican caucus goers had Romney leading with 24%, Paul with 22% and Santorum with 15%. It's anyone's game, especially considering the Register claims 41% of those same voters could be swayed by another candidate.

With the most recent polls showing Newt may be nixed in Iowa, some political pundits are saying Romney is top dog to take the caucus and maybe more.

"I think Romney is the man to beat. He's got the money, he's got the organization, he's got the name recognition. He's the presumptive nominee even before the first vote is cast," said MSNBC news anchor, Joe Scarborough.

"Romney's standing, here at this point, being as strong as it is, tells us something about his ability to end this early," said political analyst and journalist David Gregory.

Others, like MSNBC's Chris Matthews, say Ron Paul could take Iowa, based heavily on his anti-war ways.

"The strength of the anti-war movement in both parties is real. People have had it with these wars. Ten years in Afghanistan, eight and a half years in Iraq," said Matthews.

And don't count out Santorum and his recent surge in the polls. Pundits put him, and his grassroots, in their possible prize column too.

"I am amazed, because I don't see it but the pollsters do, so Santorum has a chance to win this thing," said Matthews.

But his future after an Iowa win isn't so bright.

"He could certainly take some momentum out of Iowa and carry it on to New Hampshire and South Carolina as a strong social conservative. I still don't think that the party is going to look at him and think this is the standard barer this is the nominee to take on Obama," said Gregory.

Gregory went on to say not to count Newt Gingrich out of the race for the GOP nomination all together. He says one of Newt's biggest brags is his ability to debate Obama. Gregory says he'll have another opportunity to prove his skills to the American public in a New Hampshire debate coming up later this year.

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