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Some Woodbury County Republicans still undecided going into caucus night


Many were caucus veterans, others first timers.  Despite all the time the candidates have spent on the ground, some came into Tuesday still undecided.

"I think we just gotta be involved.  Everybody has to," said Republican Barbara Bohan.

Bohan got in line early to caucus, but for whom, she wasn't sure.

"It was between two for me.  Santorum and Perry," she said.

Some say there are too many good candidates, for others, none were a perfect pick.

"Right now, if I could cut off  a little piece of every candidate, and put ‘em together and make that ideal candidate, it'd be great," said Mark Casey.

"Ron Paul or Romney, I'm not sure," said Kim Stanley, an Independent.

Not everyone who filled the seats inside the East High Auditorium was on the fence.

"Santorum," said Janice Flanigan.

Britt Anderson voted for,"Ron Paul."

"Rick Santorum," said David Boe.

The campaigning wasn't quite over.  Supporters of each candidate gave one final appeal to help persuade people like Mark Casey.

In the end, the undecided's made a decision.

"I chose the person that I think will bring us back on the right path," said Casey, declining to say who he chose.

"Rick Santorum," said Bohan.

It wasn't a speech, but a last minute phone call, placed just before the caucus that caused Bohan to vote for Rick Santorum. 

In Woodbury County, Rick Santorum won with 33-percent of the vote.

Mitt Romney received 28-percent.

Ron Paul had 15-percent.

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