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Record setting temperatures in Siouxland have some plants coming to life


It feels like spring is in the air, but unfortunately some plants have forgotten its January.

Some tulip bulbs have been tricked and are coming back to life.

Garden experts at Earl May say if you do have some tulips or other early bloomers make sure you don't water them.

"We want to keep them more or less dormant and hopefully that we'll have a more natural snowfall. They'll wake up early, early spring. But there again, I would not recommend watering the tulip beds. Keep them on the dormant side," said John Kluver, Earl May Manager.

But if your flower beds do start to turn green, Earl May Manager John Kluver says there isn't much you can do.

"It would be better just to leave mother nature alone and things will look better down the road," said Kluver.

For other plants like perennials, evergreens, and shrubs, they're a little heartier.

"It's not going to hurt them whatsoever, trees, shrubs, evergreens, trees that were just planted last year or the year before this would be a great time to be getting out there to water the trees especially as dry as it has been," said Kluver.

And if you were busy last fall and didn't have time to plant grass seed, Kluver says it's okay to put some seed down now.

"In fact, they could go out this afternoon, plant some grass seed over some of the bare spots that they have and they could almost probably rake it in because in some spots it's so dry, the ground is not even frozen and they could probably rake it in and it would be just fine," said Kluver.

And while mother nature isn't predictable, keep in mind the grass will be green again soon enough.

Kluver does recommend that if you do decide to water your evergreens, young trees and other plants that you remember to unhook the garden hose once you are finished and drain the water.

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