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Norfolk, Nebraska natural gas bill


A bill introduced in the Nebraska Legislature Thursday is looking to expand opportunities for economic development by increasing natural gas capacity. The bill was introduced by Speaker of the Legislature, Mike Flood of Norfolk.  Norfolk lost out on locating a Soybean Processing Facility in 2007 because the area wasn't capable of receiving the level of natural gas the company needed.  The Specialty Protein Producers plant opted to locate in South Sioux instead.  This is just one example of such scenarios in rural areas of Nebraska.  The bill introduced Thursday would allow for expansion of natural gas service in areas of the state that lack adequate natural gas capacity.  This will meet the desires of growth from existing industries and make rural Nebraska more appealing to new industries looking for a home.  It will also provide a streamlined, less-regulated process for the construction of natural gas infrastructure.  Norfolk Mayor Sue Fuchtman says she applauds the bill.  She says resolving this issue is vital to providing better opportunities for a vibrant economic future.

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