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ARCHIVE STORY: Navy ship to be named "Sioux City"


The U.S. Navy will name one of its newest ships after the city of Sioux City.

The USS Sioux City, a Littoral Combat Ship, or LCS, has been called "a major part of the future of the Navy."

It'll be built in Wisconsin, and when complete will measure 378 feet long.

The Secretary of the Navy says the LCS is fast, agile, operates with a smaller crew and can perform operations in both shallow and deep waters.

The Navy says the name, "Sioux City", was chosen "to honor the patriotic, hard-working citizens of Sioux City, Iowa and for their support of, and contributions to, the military.

"Again, I think it's a reflection of what Sioux City is and all residents can take pride in it, especially veterans and our Navy veterans," said Paul Eckert, City Manager.

"One of the things I think is kind of cool is some bragging rights because when I tell somebody I'm a chief in the Navy or I'm in the Navy at all, it's 'they have a Navy in Sioux City, Iowa?' Well, yeah. I can say that now, absolutely," said CPO Cathryn Nelson, U.S. Navy.

The USS Sioux City will be the sixth active naval vessel named to honor Iowa.

The others?

The USS The Sullivans, a destroyer named for a family of soldiers from Waterloo that died aboard the U-S-S Juneau during World War II.

There's the U-S-S Howard, a destroyer named for a Burlington-native, who earned a Medal of Honor in Vietnam.

The destroyer, the U-S-S Curtis Wilbur, is named for the 43rd Navy Secretary and Iowa native, Curtis Wilbur.

The USS Hampton is a submarine named for the city of Hampton.

And, the USS Keokuk, a harbor tug named for the city of Keokuk.

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