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KTIV crews check conditions as storm hits Siouxland


KTIV crews weren't up a little further north earlier Thursday afternoon as the winter storm started to pick up.

Folks were already shoveling in Orange City, IA at 1 p.m. That's when the snow flakes got bigger and road conditions got a lot worse. The wind started to increase too eventually dropping visibilities to a quarter of a mile. Despite the conditions, folks we talked to said they weren't too surprised.

"Has this caught you off guard or anything?" asked Ross Caniglia, KTIV News 4.

"I've been prepared, I think most people have done okay," said Chris Vanbeek, and employee at Bomgaars.

"Yeah it might be kind of bad today, it's supposed to snow a lot. But we've been really, really lucky this year," said Amy Borchers as she scraped a sidewalk downtown.

"I don't like it at all," said Jack Salzman, Orange City, IA.

"Why's that?" asked Caniglia.

"I do not like snow," said Salzman.

Orange City is expecting some of the heavier amounts.


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