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COPY-School district releases results of 12-year bullying study

After a 12 year study, the Sioux City Community Schools released facts and figures from its bully prevention program, Tuesday.

The program, which started in 2000, helps spread awareness of bullying to students, teachers and parents.

School officials say awareness about bullying is up while incidents of bullying are down.

Superintendent Paul Gausman says the district has come a long way since they started.

"The statistics, while continuing to show that we have work to do, also show that we are making a difference in the way that many other school districts have yet to even measure. I am proud of our efforts," said Dr. Paul Gausman, Sioux City Community Schools Superintendent.

Gausman also addressed the "Bully" movie shot in part, at Sioux City schools.

He says the district can't show the movie until its ready for a school-based release.

When that takes place they will then decide how to combine the movie with other bullying prevention programs.

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