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Rep. King challenges Christie Vilsack to debates


Iowa Congressman Steve King is breaking away from his tradition of not debating his opponents before the election.

After years of refusing to debate his opponents, the Republican has issued a challenge to debate Democratic challenger Christie Vilsack in a series of matches across Iowa's new 4th congressional district.

King told KTIV that he's willing to debate Vilsack because she is a viable candidate and has raised the money that makes debating worthwhile.

"She's traveled around the district extensively and presented herself legitimately as a candidate.  So, therefore, she's met the criteria that I set up throughout those last cycles.  That would be important then for me to issue the invitation," said Rep. Steve King, (R)-Iowa.

King says the public has also been clamoring for these debates for a while and he says it'll be a great opportunity for them to learn where both candidates stand on the issues.

In response to Congressman King's debate challenge tonight, Christie Vilsack's campaign manager released a statement, calling King's debate offer refreshing.

The statement from Jessica Vanden Berg says, "We look forward to debating Steve King and will consider his proposal. Christie continues to run a strong campaign that's focused on taking Iowa values and putting them to work in Washington."

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