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UPDATE: BPI suspends operations at 3 plants, cuts hours at SSC


Beef Products Incorporated has announced it's suspending operations at three of its plants, and cutting back hours at its fourth in South Sioux City, Nebraska.

Co-Founder Regina Roth said Monday "If the media is able to bring a company like us down, you're going to disincentivize anybody to try to create a safe, wholesome product."

There are about 450 workers at the BPI plant in South Sioux. They are cutting back on operations there, and suspending operations in Waterloo, Iowa, Amarillo, Texas, and Garden City, Kansas. Those four plants make LFTB, also know as "lean, finely textured beef", which has come under fire.

BPI co-founder Regina Roth, and other corporate administrators addressed the media at the company headquarters in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, in the wake of several schools and businesses, most recently the Hy-Vee Food Chain, announcing they will no longer carry ground beef that contains BPI's product, lean, finely textured beef.

The product has been added to ground beef for decades, and has been deemed safe and nutritious by the U-S Department of Agriculture. LFTB is the majority of the company's business. Regina Roth, BPI co-founder said, "There have been over 300 billion meals served as a result of it and there's never been one incident of eColi traced to our product." Since the 1980's, BPI has used a centrifuge process to reduce the fat in beef trimmings... to make a ground beef product that's 94% lean.

Roth says, as an employer, the attack on their company and product has been devastating. And, as a mother, she's fiercely angry by the misinformation that's been put out there.

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