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Sioux City fire officials discuss Sioux City's Flood Fight of 2011


In Sioux City and Woodbury County during the Missouri River Flood event, officials activated all levels of the Emergency Operations Center at the Security Institute.

Tuesday, Sioux City's Fire Department, Chief Tom Everett and Assistant Chief Jim Clark shared their experiences during the flood and how Sioux City and Woodbury County were affected.

Officials say at the flood call center that they set up, they received 1,627 calls and volunteers filled 3,214 sandbags at the Sandbag Jams held at the Tyson Events Center.

They say the cost for the city after all of the berm building, pumps, and more was well over $4-million dollars before F.E.M.A. reimbursement.

They say they are participating in the conference call the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers leads every other Friday.

"Also the National Weather Service is on there giving their predictions. So we are trying to stay in tuned to what they are doing. As far as asking for a policy change, Congressman King has done that and we are basically supporting those types of efforts through our congressman," said Jim Clark, Sioux City Assistant Fire Chief.

They say they've learned a lot during the Flood Fight and it's good to come together at these conferences with other states and agencies to share ideas.


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