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Siouxland senators say BPI is a victim of "misinformation"


Republican and Democratic Senators, from two Siouxland states, shared their feelings on "Lean Finely Textured Beef" Wednesday.

Republican Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa says he's certainly consumed LFTB in the decades it's been on the market, but hasn't had any health effects.

Dakota Dunes based Beef Products Incorporated, recently reduced operations at its facility in South Sioux City, and suspended operations at three other plants where LFTB is made.

Grassley says BPI has been a victim of "misinformation" on the topic.

"It's just a sad commentary, that public misunderstanding can lead to the shut down and the jobs being lost," said Grassley.

Democratic Senator Ben Nelson, from Nebraska, said something similar.

He says the public should be "cognizant" of food safety, but at the same time "shouldn't give in to media hype."

"I believe that [BPI] has taken all the necessary steps to protect the people, that are required," he said.

Critics have targeted BPI's LFTB, raising concerns about ammonium hydroxide, which is used to kill bacteria in the process.

The USDA has deemed it safe and nutritious for consumers for years.

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