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Governors go inside BPI to examine LFTB


"This company has gone out of its way to protect the safety of the consumers and no one has become sick by this product," said Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad.

A show of support for a Siouxland company -- under fire for its product, lean finely textured beef. Leaders of five states, the USDA and a food safety group, rallied around a Siouxland company accused of producing a product tagged with a derogatory, two-word name.

But, before governors toured the plant, they gathered in a room to learn about the process and the cuts of meat the company uses.

What is considered lean beef trim is meat off of roasts, steaks, and ribs. The company says its all beef, no visceral parts or organs are used in making LFTB. They say it's darker in color because it's very lean and doesn't contain much fat.

The tour showed the process in which beef trimmings came into the facility from the nearby Tyson Fresh Meats plant. A centrifuge spun the excess fat out of the meat, which then received a so called "puff" of ammonium hydroxide, which kills bacteria. The trimmings then move over rollers where its froze.

Tonight at ten, KTIV speaks with BPI Founder Eldon Roth after the days events. He'll discuss the impact the events of the last week have had on the company he started in 1981.

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