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Leaders of Midwest states have no "beef" with BPI


Five state leaders-- governors from Iowa, Texas and Kansas with lieutenant governors from Nebraska and South Dakota-- toured Beef Products Incorporated for about 30 minutes, Thursday. They saw first hand how Lean Finely Textured Beef is made at the company's South Sioux City, Neb. plant.

Afterwards, they were happy to tell press LFTB left a great taste in their mouths.

"For over 20 years, I am proud to say, I and my family have been eating it," said (R) Gov. Terry Branstad of Iowa.

"This is lean beef," said (R) Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback.

"We should be thanking them, not maligning them," said (R) Lt. Gov. Matt Michels of South Dakota.

The group hammered home their belief that BPI is a victim of "misinformation" from the national media, "a bad rap" that led BPI to shut down production at three of the company's plants. Which, is what brought these officials to South Sioux in the first place.

"We've lost 300 jobs in Kansas off of this, off of a good, wholesome, safe product that's been consumed for 20 years without a problem," said Brownback.

"As members of the media, you owe it to the consumers to report the facts ," said (R) Gov. Rick Perry of Texas.

Perhaps Nebraska Lt. Governor Rick Sheehy summarized the group's feelings best when he quoted a sign of support in a South Sioux yard.

"Dude, it's beef," said the Republican.

For this group, it seems LFTB spells S-A-F-E.

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