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BPI Founder hopes company can beat negative media image

Despite all the support shown from the Governors and the community on Thursday, the reality is there are hundreds of BPI employees in limbo.

The company suspended operations at three plants and limited operations at its fourth in South Sioux City, Nebraska.

That's been hard to take for company founder Eldon Roth.

He said Monday was tough, not only sharing the news with employees, but knowing so many people and communities count on those jobs.

Roth hopes changing attitudes and breaking through the "misinformation" will help turn things around.

We hope that's the case, but think about it. Locally and regionally here, the people that know us and know our product, that will happen. But it's a national thing and how does that get national?" said Eldon Roth.

Roth and his wife Regina started BPI back in 1981. He stands by claims that their product is safe.

"We think we're the safest meat there is. Everybody uses interventions of some kind. Ours is natural. It's naturally occurring," said Roth.

The interventions he's referring to is Ammonium Hydroxide which the company says is used in minute amounts. A claim that is echoed by the FDA and USDA.

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